Bulkhead Repair and Installation

A Repaired Bulkhead for a Cellar

Experts in Bulkhead Repair & Installation

Over the years, we’ve been proud of the results we’ve offered clients in bulkhead repair and installation in Worcester, MA. Because the truth is, many homes have bulkhead doors. These provide simple access to cellars and basements. However, these bulkheads often rust if they’re made of steel or rot if made of wood. At Bella Masonry and Construction, we’re dedicated to replace or repair your bulkhead doors and help you select the right bulkhead for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with us or call  508-889-7012 today!

A Bulkhead Repair.

How We Help With Repair & Installation

Bella Masonry and Construction is proud to be one of the most convenient and exclusive installers of bulkheads. Also, we make sure we are using reliable equipment that will ensure years of service. If you’re wondering if you should replace your old bulkhead door don’t think about it much longer. Get in touch with us as soon as possible for bulkhead repair and installation in Worcester, MA! In addition to making your home aesthetically pleasing, a new bulkhead door will make your home safe from unwanted visitors. Most old bulkhead doors are easy for trespassers to get by, so if you’re worried your old bulkhead door may be the entry for dangerous visitors, we recommend you call  508-889-7012 today.

A Repaired Bulkhead Door

Bulkhead Replacement

The most unreliable old bulkhead doors are the wooden ones since they are prone to rot out. Not only will a bulkhead door be a target, but old locks are also unsafe. Due to the deterioration, these locks may not be safe and you may get locked out (or in) at a very inconvenient time. Additionally, if you decide to replace your bulkhead door in Worcester, MA, you are guaranteed years of service with doors that have a weather-resistant coating and a locking mechanism that will surely keep intruders out. 

At Bella Masonry and Construction, we encourage you to take the steps to protect your family and home and prepare it for more years of safety with a new bulkhead door. Based in Worcester, MA, but servicing other areas, we’re proud to be one of the go-to companies when in need of a secure bulkhead door. If you’re looking to begin a home improvement project and want to begin here, get a free estimate by calling us today.

Cellar Bulkhead.

Bulkheads & Egress Emergency Window Installations

Not only do we specialize in bulkheads, but we also install Egress emergency windows for your home’s safety. And remember, installing a bulkhead or emergency opening is not recommended as a DIY project. To ensure safety and protection, get in touch with Bella Masonry and Construction. Our friendly contractors will be happy to assist you with your needs and help you select the perfect bulkhead door for your basement. If you want to learn more about bulkhead repair and installation in Worcester, MA and how it can benefit you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 508-889-7012 and ask any questions you may have. We are happy to help!