Concrete and Masonry Cold Joint/Seam Repair

Concrete Masonry Cold Joint Seam Repair

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You may not know this, but cold joint and concrete joints are very similar ways to repair a foundation crack. What’s the difference? Well, it lies in defining the type of crack you have in your home and the definition of the concrete joint. But really, what is the difference between crack and cold joint? Many people tend to confuse them at times, but both have very different attributes. Bella Masonry and Construction are experts when it comes to cold joint repair in Worcester, MA. If you’re interested, get in touch by calling 508-889-7012 today!

The Differences Between Cold Joint & Crack

Like we mentioned before, these two tend to get confused but offer many different attributes to your foundation repair in Worcester, MA. Let’s get into this to gain clarity and remember, if you’re looking for expert foundation repair services, get in touch with Bella Masonry and Construction today.

A Concrete Joint Repair

Cold Joint Attributes

Cold concrete joints will form when enough amount of time has gone by, for instance, 30 minutes between the 1st and 2nd pour. However, this time varies according to the foundation’s conditions. Once the first batch of concrete solidifies, it will become impossible for the second pour to mix with it creating the cold joint. This is when this defect makes it confusing since both techniques appear similar to most people. If you have cold joints in your foundation and need cold joint repairs in Worcester, MA, you can always rely on the experts at Bella Masonry and Construction.

Cold Joint Repair

Crack Attributes

Did you know foundation cracks are very common and sometimes do not require action? Most people will call these fractures “cracks” to describe problems with the foundation. However, cracks are generally 0.2 – 2 mm. If the fracture is beyond this, it is a crevice. Once this is a crevice, it will jeopardize the stability of your building. Therefore, once you notice a fracture in your foundation, it is necessary for you to monitor its growth over time. In order to avoid issues, make sure you stay on top of these fractures and crevices and call the experts as soon as you think it will damage the stability of your home. For expert services in concrete cold joint and seam repairs in Worcester, MA, call  508-889-7012 today!

A Concrete Repair.

Repairs on Cold Concrete Joints

In order to repair these specific types of concrete joints, Bella Masonry and Construction needs to involve specific techniques of high-pressure flexible polyurethane injection or in some cases, installing an elastomeric waterproofing membrane. However, high-pressure flexible polyurethane injection allows inserting a liquid into highly narrow cracks. Technicians will drill holes alongside the cold concrete and ensure they are properly cleaned. Once this procedure has been completed, our technicians will seal the joint. This is a very interesting advantage and the benefits are incredible because the results are instantaneous and long-lasting.

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