Structural Foundation Crack Injection in Worcester, MA

A Structural Crack Injection Repair.

Solving Structural Foundation Problems

If you’re concerned about repairing your foundation, one of the quickest and inexpensive ways to do this is by repairing it using structural foundation crack injection. If you’re not sure if you’re dealing with a structural foundation problem, check for cracks. These concrete cracks are visible fractures that go from the floor to the roof and from the interior to the exterior. If you identify this in your foundation, you most likely need a structural foundation crack injection service in Worcester, MA. Call  508-889-7012 today to find out more or schedule services.

Structural Foundation Crack Injection

How We Repair Your Foundation

Some foundation problems originate from a vulnerable point of weakness such as a beam pocket, a window corner, or a door sill. On occasion, cracks form in a horizontal manner. If this is something you noticed recently, get in touch with Bella Masonry and Construction for foundation services immediately, as this indicates a bigger problem: structural failure.

At Bella Masonry and Construction , we deliver superb structural foundation crack injection services in Worcester, MA. And even if this sounds like a complex procedure, this is the least intrusive (and highly effective) repair for cracked foundations. Unless of course, if this problem is combined with an expensive basement finishing.

Commonly, there is epoxy injected into the track and Bella Masonry and Construction repairs it by crafting a structural weld and restores the foundation — and of course, waterproofs the crack! If you’re interested in getting your foundation troubles to go away, get in touch with us at 508-889-7012 and enquire about crack injection services in Worcester, MA.

An Injection Repair

The Foundation Cracked Injection Process

In order for you to gain insight regarding Bella Masonry and Construction‘s foundation cracked injection process, we’ve laid out the steps below:

1. Exposing the Crack: First, our team will work to expose the crack. Commonly, we will wire brush to remove debris and allow for better bonding and cleared with compressed air.

2. Bond Surface Ports: Next, we bond surface ports to the wall above the crack utilizing epoxy thixotropic paste. Luckily, there is no drilling needed for the procedure, which makes it a practical solution.

3. Covering the Crack Surface: After step two, we will cover the crack with epoxy thixotropic paste. This creates an interior dam that contains the liquid epoxy throughout the injection process.

4. After Hardening, Injections Starts: Once the epoxy thixotropic paste hardens, the injection process begins. Depending on your needs, we will start injection from top to bottom and using the correct quantities of material to ensure it is highly waterproofed.

5. Port to Port Injection: We continue the injection process from port to port and bottom to top. The crack injection process is complete once the epoxy starts flowing from the top of the crack.

6. Stabilization Staples: This ensures an effective crack repair because the most effective way to repair a foundation crack is to inject the crack from the inside with the epoxy solution. But not only that, but we also need to stabilize the foundation crack. To do this, we install carbon fiber staples.

A Structural Crack Repair.

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Of course, depending on your unique requirements for a structural foundation crack injection repair in Worcester, MA, your foundation may not need this procedure. No worries, Bella Masonry and Construction has many other foundation repair services for various types of issues. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling services, Call  508-889-7012 today!