Lally Column Installation

A Lally Column Installation

We Can Replace and Install Your Lally Columns

Lally columns are an invention by John Lally that dates all the way back to the late 1800s and is still alive and well today. How did this come to be? Well, John was very upset buildings collapsed due to inadequate support and started searching for a solution to this problem. This is when he came up with a steel beam support column, hence the name of the columns! There is a very good reason these columns are still used to this day and it’s because they do a great job in supporting structures. If you’re looking for experts in Lally column installation in Worcester, MA, call Bella Masonry and Construction  508-889-7012 today.

Lally Columns Installed

Types of Lally Columns

There are many types of Lally columns. Each is used for different structure types and is meant to solve different issues. Some types include:

  • Adjustable jacks
  • Brick
  • Wood/logs
  • Block
  • Hollow steel
  • Metal column filled with concrete — this is the best type of Lally column

There may be a few problems that arise from using some of the mentioned Lally columns. Some include picking out materials that will deteriorate over time, such as brick, wood, and blocks. There are others that cause floor cracking due to its weight, and even cause structures to sag over time. These issues may arise if your existing Lally columns are made of bad materials or if you recently hired contractors who were not able to discuss with you correctly on the selection of material for Lally columns. For Lally column installation or replacement in Worcester, MA, get in touch with Bella Masonry and Construction today. 

The best type of Lally column is metal filled with concrete. They’re the best due to several reasons, including:

  • It is the strongest choice as it’s filled with concrete and made of metal
  • Home inspectors will not pick on them as often
  • Adds additional support and limits cracks on the floor
  • It offers heaps of support even during a fire
  • It doesn’t deteriorate over time

At Bella Masonry and Construction, we basically provide rock-solid solutions for your foundation repair issues and Lally column installations. Don’t overlook this issue, as columns may crack, corrode, and weaken over time.

Lally Columns Installed as Support.

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